About AG Group Worldwide

AG Group Worldwide Inc. is a multi-facetted manufacturer,chemical blender and distributor of several product groups that address the Automotive Aftermarket,Marine,Transport,Home, Hospital, Hotel, School, and maintenance related markets.Our cornerstone product is Amazing Glaze™, a paint and fiberglass sealant used by professionals all over the world including commercial airlines, busses, trucking companies and car dealers. Amazing Glaze is one of many specialty chemicals we have developed over the years and has the reputation as being "the best of its kind" in the marketplacetoday-the world over!

AG Group distributes the latest technologywith our ComfortZone™ In-Seat Temperature Control System. These aftermarket seatheaters and coolers are lightyears ahead of others in cost, ease of installation and performance.ComfortZone's universal one-size fits all simplifies your invintory needs and offers the fastestheat-up time, resulting in outstanding performance.

We also distribute AquaTouch™ Microfibre Cloths and Mops.AquaTouch is sold to retailers, detailers, hospitals and resteraunt,as a tool for fund raising by institutions and clubsand in particular through home parties. Our home party programis available to those who would like to suppliment their incomeby selling a Chemical Free Cleaning System. AquaTouch Saves Time, money and effort to users while they eliminate 99.94% of all germs and bacteria with only water. No Chemicals are Needed. AquaTouch cleaning products constitute the safest and one of the strongest cleaning systems available. Professional cleaningservices find AquaTouch products an absolute necessity in their battle against dirt, grime, bacteria and oily stains.

For Orders or Information Call 1-800-318-9344 (US and Canada) For Orders Outside of US 360.896.1737, FAX 360.896.1740

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