Amazing Glaze Fabric/Trim

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Fabric Protector
Keep the look and feel of your fabric seating, furniture and carpeting
showroomnew with Premium Fabric Protector. Our formula creates
an undetectable shieldof protection for all types of auto fabrics while
preserving the original look and feel. most water based spills are easily
wiped away without leaving a stain

Leather& Vinyl Protector
A very high quality dressing for dashboards seats and trim. Unlike most
productsfor this purpose, our Leather and vynil protector is a polymer
that contains nosilicones. It is long lasting, not greasy to the touch and
leaves no slippery feeling.

Vinyl & Trim Dressing
An outstanding vinyl and rubber trim dressing sold in large quantity to car
dealers and detailers, available for private label and in convenient 8oz.
bottles. Long-lasting and not greasy to the touch.

Leather Cleaner
Environmentally compliant, this product can aid the removal of deeply
imbeded soil, food stains and other surface contaminants on leathers
of all types. Sold as a product as part of the Leather Car Kit.

Leather Protector
An advanced protectant, which will impart resistance to oil, dirt water and
general stains of all kinds to any top-coat leather. Leather Protector is
ideally suited for fine automotive interiors and household furniture. Sold as
a product as part of the Leather Car Kit.

Leather Revitalizer
A polymetric emulsion that will remove most common surface soil and dirt
quickly and feeiciently. Leather revitalizer will soften and remoisturize
leather, leaving it resilient and suppler. Sold as a product as part of the Leather Car Kit.

For Orders or Information Call 1-800-318-9344 (US and Canada) For Orders Outside of US 360.896.1737, FAX 360.896.1740

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