Amazing Glaze Glazes

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Amazing Glaze Paint Sealant
Amazing Glaze is a professional paint traetment which is applied to any
paintedor gel coates surface. Amazing Glaze can be applied to any
vehicle to give ita fresh long lasting protective coating that will enhance
the finish dramatically.

Machine Glaze 2600
This specially formulated cleaner is ideal for removing hairline scratches
and swirl marks an all finishes, including basecoats, clearcoats and/ or gel
coats. For a wet-sanded marine racing-finish, this is the final step for
absolute perfection in a laminar flow.

Polymer Glaze
For conventional, clear coat, waterbased paints and fibre glass, Polymer
Glaze Polish can be used to give the surface a long lasting shine and
protection. After cleaning thesurface, use Polymer Glaze Polish for long
lasting protection.

Speed Finish
A quick and easy "spritzer" that will protect and impart a new paint job to
look both cleanr-coated and non clear-coat finishes for a generally clean
vehicle that could use "sprucing up' without washing for a show-room
look. Just spray it on and wipe with a soft towel.

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