Amazing Glaze Marine Application


Ultimate Marine Care Kit
Recreational boats exist in a much more stable environment than airliners. They are (generally) near sea level and usually in reasonably constant temperatures, but rarely do they enjoy the benefit of being "post-finished" with some of the world's mostexotic paints as in the case of an airliner. Even a post-finished, beautifully painted yacht, however will benefit substantially from Amazing Glaze and add years to its paint life.Fiberglass boats, on the other hand are pre-finished with specially prepared marine gel coat; a blend of the same type of laminating resin that the boat is made up of, but with color pigment added to it. This gel coat, (by comparison to airline or automotive paints) is porous, oxidizes quickly when exposed to ultra violet rays of the sun, and is subject to a high degree of degradation from the intense sunshine, bird droppings, acid rain and also the "scouring" effect of dried-on salt spray which shortly turns to the same (but much finer) crystalline state that we see in cooking salt.Applications of Amazing Glaze™ at reasonable intervals (depending on the combination of the owner's use and/or geographical location) can and will enhance the beauty of any boat and will protect the gel coat or painted finished from premature degradation as described above. It will make your boat far easier to clean with a quick fresh-water rinse after use whenever possible and help greatly in maintaining the highest re-sale or trade in value of the boat when and if that time should come.Also, a boat that is kept in prime condition will yield better resale value if sold by the owner, or will be much easier for the dealer to re-sell as an "experienced boat" to the used boat buyer, than if it were not so well maintained.To take full advantage of the Amazing Glaze Protection Program, boat owners should have an annual re-application of the Glaze. This is because UV inhibitors that guard against the degrading effects of the sun are self sacrificing. UV protection will eventually ware out and should be renewed.

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