There are a variety of AquaTouch Microfibre Cloths to choose from. Each are specially designed to handle a specific task. With just water, you can eliminate 99.94% of dirt, dust, bacteria, chalk, etc. from just about any surface and all chemical free! When your done, just toss the microfibre pads in the washing machine as you would with our AquaTouch microfibre cloths.

Ask about our discount pricing for volume purchases.

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Microfibre Car Cloth $19.00
Use slightly damp on car windows, mirror, chrome and other smooth
surfaces in the interior. For extra dirty surfaces, use the cloth wet.
Also, use for drying and polishing after normal wash.

Microfibre Glass Cloth Blue $13.00
Use dry to buff windows, mirrors and chrome after cleaning with
damp green Microfibre cloth.

Microfibre Mop Cloth (L) $18.00
Large gold cloth for use over dry or wet mop.

Microfibre Green Cloth $12.00
Use slightly damp cloth for normal cleaning. The cloth will remove
grease, chalk and dirt from all washable surfaces, i.e. aluminum,
stainless steel, tiles, bathtubs, silver, brass, car interiors, etc.

Optic Cloth ( case included ) $5.00
Use damp on eyeglasses, CD's, camera lenses, etc.

Mini Starter Package $35.95
1 Microfibre Green Cloth
1 Large Gold Cloth
1 Glass Cloth Blue

Basic Package $22.95
1 Small Green Cloth
1 Glass Cloth Blue

Variety Package $49.00
1 Suede Yellow Cloth
1 Microfibre Green Cloth
1 Car Cloth
1 Glass Cloth Blue

Rainbow Package $44.00
Color coding helps to keep the cloths separate for different rooms in the house. For example the blue stays in the kitchen, green for the bathroom, yellow for the nursery. Of course cloths have many application and can be used in several areas of home or business.
1 Green Cloth
1 Yellow Cloth
1 Blue Cloth
1 Red Cloth

Polishing Package $48.50
The Microfibre pads are for product application. The green cloth is for polish removal and the yellow or pink suede cloths are final wipe and drying. Microfibre will not scratch paint and should be used when wasing, polishing or for drying your painted surfaces. Once you try our polishing package you will throw away the cloths you have used in the past.
1 Green Cloth
1 Suede Yellow Cloth
1 Suede Pink Cloth
1 Yellow Application Pad
1 Pink Application Pad

Car Package $48.50
1 Microfibre Green Cloth
1 Car Cloth
1 Glass Cloth Blue

For Orders or Information Call 1-800-318-9344 (US and Canada) For Orders Outside of US 360.896.1737, FAX 360.896.1740

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