Now you can use AquaTouch Microfibre technology with the convenience of a mop! AG Group Worldwide's AquaTouch Microfibres make cleanig floors, walls, and those hard to reach places easy.Our mops are available in 12 and 16 inch sizes and come with changeable microfibre padsthat pick up 99.4% of all dirt, bacteria and germsAnd the best part is, you only need soap and water. When your done, just toss the microfibre pads in the washing machine as you would with our AquaTouch microfibre cloths.

Ask about our discount pricing for volume purchases.

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Wet Mop (L) $29.00 (S) $19.00 (Commercial) $32.00
Use slightly damp for washing floors and cleanings or hard to reach
windows. Will remove dirt, grease, chalks and scuff marks from all
washable surfaces.

Dry Mop (L) $19.00 (S) $12.00 (Commercial) $21.00
Use dry for removing dry dirt and dust from smooth surfaces such as floors, walls, and ceilings.

Mop Base (L) $27.00 (S) $18.00

Mini Mop Handle $19.00
Adjustable handel made from aliminum, glass fibre and plastic.
To regulate the legnth, just unscrew the telescopeing handle,
then tighten at desired height.

Mini Mop Package $69.00
1 Mini Mop Handle
1 Large Wet mop
1 Large Mop Base
1 Large Dry Mop

Large Mop Package $130.00
1 Mop Starter Package
1 Window Cloth
2 Green Cloth (see cloth kits)

For Orders or Information Call 1-800-318-9344 (US and Canada) For Orders Outside of US 360.896.1737, FAX 360.896.1740

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