Step 1

Outline the area where the ComfortZone Combo Unit is to be installed. Draw a template of the ventilation end of unit, marking the area for the blower housing to be installed.

Step 2

After an outline is in place, use a sharp blade or rotary tool to cut a square recess hole for the blower to be set into, make sure it is slightly lower than the top of the cushion so the blower can't be felt when cover is reinstalled. Use foam or spacer material to cover the blower if you can still feel it

Step 3

Remove the ComfortZone Combo Unit from seat and cut a 2 inch hole in center of blower recess completely throught the foam to allow air intake. IMPORTANT: without the hole there will be no airflow.

Step 4

Test fit the Unit before gluing or hog ringing. Be sure the blower can not be felt by the customer before the cover is reinstalled


Step 5

Mount the ComforZone Combo Unit in place by gluing the ventilation (blower) side of unit to foam, this insure proper placement and holds the Unit in place. Be sure to cover the blower so glue does not get into the blower. Finally follow mecessary steps to insure that the heating element is properly fastened in place and replace the seat cover. Repeat for seat back and check to be sure system is working properly in both modes.


For Additional Information Contact Tech Support:

Tom Mandell

Tech support:

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